The Four Stages of ‘Change Curve’ Small Business Owners Should Know

The ‘Change Curve’ is a helpful tool for small businesses to understand the stages of personal transition each employee undergoes. Kubler Ross developed this model to explain the grieving process (Shock and Denial, Anger and Fear, Acceptance and Commitment).

This model helps small business owners predict how employees will react to a change, and advises how to help and support the employees through their personal transitions.

An organization does not change just because of new systems or processes. It changes because people within the organization adapt and change. Only when people within the organization make their own personal transitions can the organization benefit from the change.

The Change Curve model

The ‘Change Curve’ model helps small business owners understand the stages of personal transition and organization change. This model comprises four stages that employees go through as they adjust to a change.

Stage – 1: Shock and denial

Stage – 2: Anger and fear

Stage – 3: Acceptance

Stage – 4: Commitment

Stage – 1: Shock and denial

This is the first reaction that small business owners notice in their employees – they react to the challenges to the status quo. This reaction is seen more in experienced and established employees because these employees are indifferent to new systems and procedures. They feel uncomfortable because of the fear of the unknown, fear of doing something wrong and lack of information. They feel threatened and fear failure. Under these circumstances, they normally take it as a friction rather than an opportunity.

What do the employees need here?

Employees may experience this stage multiple times. To get over it, employees need information, need to understand what is happening in the organization and need to know how to get help from the organization.

Note: This stage affects particularly those employees who have not experienced any major change before.

What should the organization do?

At this stage, it is the responsibility of the owners to communicate with their employees and educate them about the benefits that they will gain by adapting to new systems – personally and professionally. Remember not to overwhelm your employees by flooding them with loads of information at a time, or they may even be more confused.

Stage – 2: Anger and fear

This is the second stage that is seen in the employees. As employees react to a change, they start expressing their anger, concern, resentment or fear. They may resist the change actively or passively. This stage could be dangerous and if the organization does not manage it carefully, it might result in chaos.

What should the organization do?

At this stage, the small business owner should handle employees’ objections carefully. Since reaction to change is personal and emotional, it’s impossible to prevent it from happening. Therefore, the organization should try to address the employees’ experience and iron out the issues as early as possible.

Note: As long as employees remain at Stage – 2 of the Change Curve by escaping progress, the change will be unsuccessful.

Stage – 3: Acceptance

This is a turning point for employees as well as the organization because the employees have stopped focusing on what they have lost and have started accepting changes. They begin exploring changes, and get a real idea of what’s good and what’s not and how to adjust themselves accordingly.

What should the organization do?

This stage is critical – it takes time for employees to learn and accept things. Therefore, don’t expect your employees to be 100% productive during this stage. Give them time so that they learn and explore without much pressure.

Stage – 4: Commitment

At this stage, there will be a commitment from the employees in analyzing and embracing the change. They start rebuilding the way they work and this is the stage at which the organization starts to see the benefits of the change.

Benefits of the change

At this stage the organization will see the benefits of putting in effort for the welfare of their employees when they were in a grieving stage. The positive effects of the Change Curve are now more evident through its productivity and profit.

The Change Curve is an effective model for small business owners while managing employees. Locating an employee on the change curve will help the business owner decide on how to effectively communicate information to employees and to know what kind of support they require. This helps them take necessary measures and protect both the business and the employees.

Maintaining a Small Business Credit Score

Small businesses are responsible for the majority of the wealth in the world. Small businesses are found throughout the world and work in a number of industries ranging from farming to manufacturing. While it is difficult to start a business, the rewards are great.

The only way to have success as a business is to grow. If you business doesn’t grow then you won’t be around very long. In order to grow, a small business needs cash and commercial activity. The main foundation of growth is credit, but you need to know how to safely get it and extend it. Your small business credit score will determine how much credit you can get.

What is a Credit Score?

A business needs access to credit for two reasons. First, credit allows a small business to get a loan or line of credit from a financial institution. Second, credit can let a small business buy the necessary supplies and goods. No matter why you need credit, it is giving you something of value in return for a promise of repaying all the cash in the future.

So who provides credit to a small business? A relative will often help, but what about the bank in town or a supplier that is separated by a continent? How can someone who doesn’t know you and has never met you determine your creditworthiness?

These companies would do exactly what you would do: they go to a reputable credit risk management agency in order to get a credit report. Through a comprehensive small business credit report, these companies can learn about all aspects of your business including your financial condition, credit history, top management and other important information. All of this is determined by your small business credit score. This single number can tell a potential lender whether or not you are a good risk. Often this score is a number on a scale, but can include alphabet letters. This score allows banks, lenders, suppliers or other creditors to determine whether or not you are likely to pay your bills on time.

Getting a Good Score

While the small business credit score may seem like a simple number, it is actually a complex statistical model that determines the credit risk for a company. A credit risk management agency comes up with the score from data that they collect through a wide number of sources. The information is determined to be accurate by crosschecking and filtering the data into an easy-to-read format. There is no specific way that you can improve your score, but you can make sure your report accurately reflects the best possible score for your business.

First, you want to make sure all your loan payments are made on time. The biggest factor that influences your credit score is to calculate your payment history with previous creditors. Second, you need to regularly check on the status of your credit report. You want to make sure that the information in the report is up-to-date and accurate. Negative information can’t be removed, but mistakes can be corrected. Lastly, credit risk management companies gain data from trade companies. Not all creditors report trade information, but it helps to have credit with companies that do report trades.

Keep in mind that your business credit score is going to change over time. When you keep up-to-date on your credit score then you can be sure you are one step ahead of the competition.

While in Divorce Proceedings, You Need To Protect Your Financial Circumstances

You will find hardly any instances when breakup is easy. It really is challenging to break up a union in which a married couple cared sincerely enough for each other to go into the bonds of marriage. It really is hard to imagine exactly what could cause two persons to intend to terminate that partnership. It really is challenging, tense and sad to observe this occurring. Any time 2 people get married, they go into a lawful marriage. For that reason, whenever they separate or divorce it also must be completed with legal information. There exists a good deal to take into account with a divorce or separation – especially when there may be kids included. Finances can be complicated. Nobody wants to become hurt and neither one desires the other to take advantage of them. It could end up being a really challenging problem.

If you are intending for a divorce or separation, then you will need Professional Divorce financial advice. It will likely be fundamental to Protect your interests before, during and after your divorce. There are many financial scenarios to be regarded throughout a breakup. Real estate property must be broken down. There are many assets which a husband and wife can easily gather over time. They’re going to fall under careful scrutiny in a divorce or separation settlement deal. Both young couples will benefit via Divorce Advice. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst must be called in to talk about most financial situation and remember to consider potential monetary predictions. They are going to analyze your situation and come up with a settlement deal that is reasonable by all parties.

Separation and divorce is demanding. It may get complicated. It can be doubtful for you to ever be uncomplicated but a competent legal professional with a wide range of practical experience in the field will surely support. A divorce changes lives. You don’t want to go into the next point of life with no choices. You’ll want to guard your interests for the present and also for the long run. You do not need for being taken advantage of. It may look like just like you are mean by contacting a legal professional and heading by way of this process, but it is not. You have to guard yourself – not simply for now as well as the long term also. Permit a separation and divorce legal professional provde the defense you will need for you personally next period. Separation and divorce is tough enough. Really do not let it get worse by not looking for an law firm and giving up safety for the future.