Small Business Website Design – Is Your Business Website Missing These 5 Key Elements?

Most small business needs to have a presence on the internet in today’s marketplace, most importantly, because their competition most certainly will have, giving them a distinct advantage over your business. Small business website design needs to be done professionally if your website is to work for you.

How your website is designed is as important as getting your business onto the internet, and it is crucial for the small business website design to cover certain elements for it to be effective. There are many potential traps and pitfalls out there and having a website just because every one else does, may mean your business is missing these 5 key elements.

Great content is the primary element for a successful website. The main reason that people search the internet is for information, and thus your website needs to contain great information relating to your business market. Getting great content for your business is not difficult as you already have access to lots of great information about your business. Having a number of articles about the different elements of your business will give your website a boost, and search engines will reward you for great content.

A relationship of trust is an essential element in small business website design. It takes time to establish this trust with visitors to your site and email capture is another vital element in small business web design. Customers may visit your site a number of times before they buy from you and by providing a free report, or newsletter in order for them to leave their email address with you will allow you to begin a relationship with them and build trust and credibility by keeping in contact with them.

Another important element in small business website design is your credibility as an actual business. Providing a physical address, a phone number and details of the people involved in your business provides a face to the company and people will trust a company they know exists in the real world as well as online, a lot faster.

Accessibility is vital for keeping people interested. A site that is easy to navigate will encourage people to spend more time on your site building trust. Ask yourself if your products are easy to find and if there is enough information about the product for the customer to make a decision on, or is there too much information which will scare them away. Your website must be clean, easy to follow and engaging, without the gadgets that make the site too busy for your customer to know what they are supposed to be looking at.

Another important small business website design element that your website may be missing is communication. Be clear about why people should come to your website, buy products or use your services. Explain how your products or services are a benefit to them and how it can address their needs or solve their problems.

It is vital for the success of your website that your small business website design is not missing one of these 5 elements.